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Flags have been a symbol of human achievement since ancient times. They have been used to lead armies to victory, to claim ownership of vast territories, and to crown mankind's greatest achievements. Flags stir up emotions in us that few other symbols can. Our name "Vexillum" comes from the Latin name for flag dating to Roman times when they used flags to identify their legions on the battlefield.
We are the proud sponsor of the United States mirror site of "Flags of the World ". The following links go directly to pages that show the types of flags that are described. We stock many of the flags you will find there, and what we do not stock, we can custom manufacture. Some of our flags may differ from what is depicted on their site (press the banner at the top of the page to return here). If you need a particular version, please call us to confirm specifications. Eventually we will have our entire catalog and pricing on the web, so please check back with us in the future. For immediate information and assistance please call: 859-258-9950 or Toll Free: 1-800-683-5697.
U.S. Flags: We carry a wide selection of United State Flags ranging in size from a small 4"x6" stick flag up to 30'x60'. Most sizes of U.S. flags from 3'x5' and up are available in cotton, nylon, and polyester. All of our United States flags 2'x3' and larger are crafted to meet or exceed U.S. government specifications. U.S. States and Territories: We have flags of all fifty states and territories in sizes from 2'x3' to 6'x10' and larger in nylon and polyester. Some are available in cotton for use in historical projects such as reenactments and plays. We also have smaller stick flags and bases for table decorations and parade usage.
Flags of other Countries: We carry a complete selection of national flags from around the world including members of the United Nations, non-members, and some ancestral flags. We can custom manufacture any flag currently used or used in the past.

Other Flags: Looking for a hard to find historical flag? We have them! We stock many of the first flags used by the United States including the one you see Betsy Ross holding att left with 13 stars. We have the famous Gadsden ("Don't Tread on Me" with snake design) and Commodore Perry's "Don't Give Up The Ship" design among others.

Custom Manufactured Flags and Banners: Want to rally your troops (employees) behind your own flag? Your logo or design can be expertly hand crafted into a stunning flag that will give your team a rallying point for the achievement of your goals.
Residential Flag Poles: We carry flag poles and sets that are perfect for your home. Whether you want a small angled set to attach to your porch or a nice architectural quality pole for your yard we have the right pole for you. We also have historically accurate flag poles made of wood to match your older homes.

Commercial Flag Poles: We carry architectural quality flag poles for your commercial building matched to the wind speed in your area. We have aluminum, fiberglass, and steel poles ranging in size up to 120' + tall. Most are available with a special locking internal halyard system for security. We also have all the related accessories such as eagle ornaments, trucks, cleats, yardarms, and halyards.

We have so many flag related products that it would be hard to list them all. If you need anything at all related to flags from hard hat decals to limo brackets, give us a call. Thank you for visiting VexillumTM Corporation Online. We hope to hear from you again soon. For more information about Vexillum's products and services please contact us at:
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